A poem on sin…and redemption

“Don’t come near me Father”,

I silently prayed

as I saw his horsemen

leading him up the way.

I had squandered his money

and tarnished his name

but the foul smell

of the pig pen

caused me the greatest shame.

“Appa”, I cried out.

Falling at his feet.

“Don’t get off your horse

Papa, Just let me

follow you please”.

He jumped off regardless

and got on his knees

seeing me as I was,

not minding my stink.

“My son,” he gushed out.

“I’ve found you! Relief!”

Reaching out his loving arms

to embrace me.

“No Father”, I said, flinchingly.

“this love is too much for me.

Just make me your workman

I’m not worthy

of your loving keep”.

I could smell the pig pen

all over me.

In my hair, my rags,

every pore of my skin.

“Father please don’t breathe in”,

I whispered to him.

“My sins have a bad stench,

It’s hard for me to rid”.

He shook his head sadly

and looked at me.

“Son your sins are forgiven,

The smells not

as bad as you think.

Its only you remembering

the life you once lived,

forgetting the glorious detail

that you’ve been set free”.

So, he ordered for

rich purple robes

to be put on me.

A ring on my finger

signifying my pedigree.

All bad smells are gone now.

He had set me free,

Knowing in my repentance that

My Father had always loved me.

We are all the prodigal son in some form, all finding our way back to our Father.


  1. Wonderful Miri!, xx

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:

      Thanks Debby 😊


  3. Anonymous says:

    Totoka tavale! So true and how marvelous for you and I to allow our “stink and stank” spirituality status to finally being immersed in God’s dark crimson red and unblemished blood of salvation. Isn’t God wonderful! Thank you tavale Miri for yet another great masterpiece. 💛💛💛

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:

      Thank you 🙂

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