They had even named a drasted ship after it, this phenomenon that makes us feel brand new, this wiping of the slate clean and hopeful surrender to the new moon. I joined the millions excited for the new year, sitting on the couch hurriedly typing in my resolutions on my android with twenty seconds to go before the fireworks went off. We were the human-ships launching into the new year with the resolve to explore, see, do and not plunder, the new frontiers like Cook did in 1772.

My final list had 10 resolutions, an improvement from the 17 I had had last year. Not cool enough yet to do without resolutions like many on SM do, I religiously write them out with childlike enthusiasm and make plans on how to achieve them. It’s this one chance to set course on a new path, or making amends along the way, and who doesn’t crave that?

The blotches and blurs on my history makes me especially partial to new beginnings. When God said in Revelations that he’d give me a new white rock with my new name written on it, I felt that. Any chance to throw out my dreaded old rocks and receive a new personalised engraved one is a yes from me. And that is what God does to his believers, he gives us a chance to start again. In Isaiah 43:19, God reassured his people, “See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”, and He does this constantly, second by second.

This practice of making resolutions is said to have originated 4,000 years ago from the early Babylonians who made promises to their God that they would return borrowed items and pay back debts. This was done in early March in a 12-year festival called Akitu and a similar practice can be seen in Deuteronomy 15 where Israelites are instructed to cancel debts owed at the end of every seven years. I wish my creditors would operate on the same philosophy, but while they have a business to run and I have me to perfect, I will work on my resolution list and remove my name from theirs.

Captain Cook sailed off from Plymouth with a ship costing HM £6,565 and the Islands their sovereignty, how much will we spend on our 2019 resolves and what will be the cost to others and ourselves?

I hope you all have exciting resolutions that keep you fired up and fulfilled in 2019. As always, I sign off this piece with a cheerleader chant for you to finish off your studies, get those biceps and what abs, love that person unconditionally, put yourself forward for that role, save up, eat less, walk more, forgive always and try, try and try.

So here’s to us for 2019. May our ships sail smoothly and if it doesn’t, may our support boats hold up.

With Blessings,


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