By Audrey Victoria

In June 2019, I officially registered my health coaching business Audrey Victoria Ltd. Like every new venture, you never know how it’s going to go but my heart and soul told me I needed to do it. I have found so much transformation spiritually, mentally and physically and couldn’t live life without sharing what I was so blessed to find.

I had moved to the UK end of 2018 after being an international flight attendant. My lifestyle prior to this was so busy, full of activity and total independence. Love in action means making yourself very vulnerable and that’s what I did when I chose to give it up and join my husband in the UK. My visa, home and wellbeing now depended a lot on him. I needed to find a way to tell my own story, look inward for joy and get back some independence.

I was asked if I wanted to speak at the Marama Alliance launch. I jumped at the opportunity with so much excitement and nervousness. Right after, I got my first few clients. Starting a business and getting my first few clients was so nerve wracking. A business journey means taking one scary step after the other. I was a very private person prior to this, becoming a health coach has shaped my character and made me turn into a person who is so transparent and unafraid to be seen.

I was continuously waiting for everything to be perfect and learned that things will never be perfect. It’s so important to just start and tweak things as you go. I didn’t even have proper program agreements when I started and I’m still adding things as I progress. You really have to be unafraid to fail when you start your own business. Failure teaches you so much.

….things will never be perfect. It’s so important to just start and tweak things as you go.

My goal is to coach full time but I am not making enough at the moment to do that. I currently have two other part-time jobs that are helping me financially. I call them my side hustles that is fueling my main goal. I also am a dōTERRA wellness advocate and with a little focus each day towards it, I have seen steady progress. When you are so passionate about what you do, you will go the extra mile to see it come true.

The support I have been getting from the Fijian community has been so amazing. In particular, the Marama Alliance UK (MAUK), which is made up of women who continuously inspire, share knowledge and encourage me. Confidently, I can say that I would not be where I am today without a women’s group like theirs. Staying positive has really helped me attract very positive, empowering woman. Even this blog piece was inspired by Leonora Sinclair (business and career coach) and Miriama Suraki who is a writer and owner of The Platformm.

Audrey at a dōTERRA presentation

There are so many perks about operating a business in the UK. This country tries it’s best to make it as simple as possible, I was so surprised at how quick and cheap it was to register a business. They send you reminders about filing a tax return and making business updates. While I enjoy the coaching side of things, I struggle with the admin and accounting part. You have to wear so many hats when operating your own business and there will be so much you learn in the process. I even got a letter stating I needed to file my company within 14 days or I could get a fine. I had no idea I needed to do that.

Working, operating a business and trying to maintain a work life balance is not easy. There have been so many days of frustration and exhaustion. My husband has not fully understood that me working from home means that I am actually working. It’s easy to get sidetracked with house work  but I am learning to discipline myself in this area. I recently created a house duty roster to spread out the work load because my husband and I were arguing too much about it. This eased the pressure so quickly and I wondered why I didn’t do that earlier. I have not taken any leave or time of work since Jan. When you love what you do it’s so hard to separate yourself from your work. It’s continuously challenging me and helping me grow as a person.

The newly launched business networking initiative

Leonora and I have started Marama’s in Business UK (MIBUK), a business network for Fijian woman in the UK. We have had two meetings so far and it has been very succesful. I am now collaborating with a few ladies to help us grow each other’s businesses.

So what are my biggest lessons from my first year?

  1. Just do it. No, this is not a Nike commercial. If you have been thinking about a business venture, just start. It’s going to be scary but you will look back and be thankful you started.
  2. You grow as your business grows. I have been challenged in so many ways but it has taught me to be resilient, positive and focused.
  3. Network, collaborate and stay close to people who will build you up, encourage and support you.
  4. There will be people who are just waiting for you to f*ck up and fail. Be unafraid to fail anyway. The biggest regret will come from never trying, not failing.
  5. Don’t start a business for the money only. Do something you are passionate about, that sets your heart on fire and something that will help others in the process.
  6. Have a strong WHY? There will be days when things become so mundane or tiring. Having a bigger reason to do what you do will help you stay on track.

Most importantly, my faith has grown so much. I have to lean in every single day to God. Always checking myself, motive and heart for what I do.

Network, collaborate and stay close to people who will build you up, encourage and support you.

If you read this and something resonates with you or you want to start a business please get in touch. This world needs you, your energy and your talents. We promise to try and help you or lead you to people who can.

Audrey x


We hope you have been inspired by Audrey’s story as we have been. Too often we look at well known figures outside our community and hype them up while forgetting to appreciate the very people in our midst, like Audrey, who are breaking barriers and making waves in their own silent ways.

If you would like to get in touch with Audrey, we have linked her website here

To all the go-getters and their supporters in our community around the world, we take our hats off to you and we reiterate what Audrey says, don’t wait for things to be perfect, just go ahead and do it!

Love and blessings,

The Platformm Team 

At the MAUK Launch


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    This story is so inspiring & motivating. Thank you Audrey.

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:

      Yes Audrey is one of the inspirational women here in the UK and we are blessed to have her. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Audreeyyyyy 🙏🙏❤️ you are such an inspiration lewa!!

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:

      She certainly is!

  3. Frances says:

    Audreeyyyyy!! You are such an inspiration lewa 🙏❤️❤️

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