Our Shared Book Shelf

Together with Marama Alliance UK, we are pleased launch a book club with a difference! Our book club is called, OUR SHARED SHELF, in keeping with the sharing that comes with this collaboration.
The focus of OSS Book Club is to empower women and become agents of change through our shared love of reading. The themes we have decided to focus on this year are women empowerment and works by writers from ethnic minority backgrounds.
We are harnessing our shared love of books to discuss issues that affect most of our readers and at same time expose the written works of these authors, most of whom are from ethnic minority backgrounds. 
We hope that in time we can discover more writers who are on the periphery of mainstream publishing.

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

The Platformm has teamed up with the wonderful ladies at MAUK to bring you Our Shared Bookshelf- A Book Club with a difference.

Book Discussions

Here at The Platformm, we will encourage you our readers to use the comments section to discuss discussion points we raise. If you have a Facebook account, then you can join the MAUK Talanoa page which is a closed Facebook group page. 

You may already know that this is a sisterhood where like-minded women share stories and carry out events that motivate, empower and uplift. We believe that the group page is a safe platform which we can use to bounce ideas off and explore new insights from other contributors.

Barter, Borrow or Buy

You can peruse the gallery and choose the books you would like to read next. You can either barter one of your books for one of ours, or borrow for a month then return or simply buy outright. 

A simple enough project that will require faith that our readers will follow through but hey, “you gotta have faith, faith, faith” (hope you sang that in George Michael’s voice)

Hope you join us soon


To get in touch, email us at info@theplatformm.com


  1. Oripa says:

    A fantastic initiative embracing women voice and empowerment in all areas. Getting very excited here as I have just started my first book. Vinaka cuz for sharing the love of books and of course-reading. xx

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:

      Bula Ripa. Thank you for being a constant voice of support in this blog, right from the very first article published. This is a perfect example of what Dr Tererai Trent talks about in her book- supporting and encouraging each other – a true sisterhood! Hope you enjoy the book. xxx

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