Wuhan 14th April 2020

Mei Ling received a knock on her door and the courier company had delivered two packages, one had stamps from Mexico and the other from the USA and they were addressed to her late father. As she opened the packages a historical account of the Toyvid-12 was listed as well as the vaccine. She did not understand English so it was all gibberish to her. Mei Ling had just buried her daughter the previous month. Her surmounting bills and the loss of her family had taken its toll and the stress lines were permanently etched on her young face. She was 33 years old but she looked twenty years older.

She had no idea that she had information that could change the face of the war on the Toyvid-12

Meanwhile the vaccine had 135 lines of instructions and the ones that stood out were Lines 23, 24 and 25 were as follows:

  • Fill a deep pot with water
  • Place Telmatobius culeus within pot of water
  • Bring to a slow boil


Dr Martin Lloyd was found dead on a park bench at Central Park and the coroner had ruled that it was from a heart attack.  Dr Sanchez was found in a pool of blood as she was gunned down in a cross fire in Jalisco.

Mei Ling had been evicted from her apartment and within one of the drawers that had been seized by way of a lien by the landlord were the cards and envelope from Mexico and the US. The furniture had been auctioned and bought by a young man, called Xi Peng who was studying English as a second language.

In Germany, a young Iranian doctor who had been working in the Frankfurt laboratory had purchased a burner phone to make an anonymous call to Interpol where he had asked for a private meeting to discuss sensitive information pertaining to the TOYVID-12 and how the vaccines were being trialled by select candidates in refugee camps in Europe and disguised under oral mouthwashes.

Image by LDR

A combined intelligence task force had discovered keys to a safety deposit box containing details of a Code Red operation that had an address. It was the same address that Mei Ling used to live which used to be rented by her grandmother, which had reverted to the Landlord.

The ten last Titicaca Water (Telmatobius Culeus) frogs were seized on orders by a Drug Baron in Colombia that had business links with the Sanchez family in Mexico and were on their way to Frankfurt. The New York based conglomerate had made a generous donation to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Research, World Health Organisation and a few other charities. Its holdings had also seen a significant increase in dividends.

The victims of TOYVID-12 had exponentially escalated into a million deaths within eight months.

Meanwhile bio pharmaceutical companies were on a race to produce the vaccine. Security companies were making a profit in the pandemic. Stock markets in Europe and the US were experiencing the biggest fall since the 2008 Financial crisis. The FTSE100  plunged by 15% whilst the Dow Jones industrial average lost a further 7% in New York.

Meanwhile a group of companies in Latin America, Saudi Arabia and a conglomerate in the US who had no apparent links to each other were thriving in the midst of the pandemic.

—————————–The End——————————-

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