A Poem

Start with a purpose and build it from there.

Add in determined action,

Be as committed as you’d dare.

Don’t get side tracked or tarry or have any other cares.

Just work on it solidly,

It will bear fruit, I swear.


If you keep at this for some time.

You’ll feel a bit left behind

When seeing cool party pictures

Of social-media-perfect lives.

Remember pictures aren’t everything

They can hide a thousand lies.

Just keep your head down, be quiet.

Keep working on your grind.


You will need faith to get it, Lots and loads of it

For when you can’t see the future

You must believe its within

So, when you feel like giving in, remember you have a gift

To be shared with humanity.

So, don’t waste it, underestimate it or bury it timidly.


Once you accomplish your purpose

Don’t rest or have an ego trip

Start thanking your supporters

Even those that cursed you through it.

Then reach out, reach back

Find someone, grab hold of him

Then help them get on that ladder

That had helped you get victory.

One step at a time

The end

Photo credits

  1. Photo byMikito Tateisi on Unsplash
  2. Photo by elephantsgerald on flkr


  1. Paulini says:

    This is gold! Worth hanging on a wall as a constant reminder ❤

    1. MiriamaSuraki says:


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