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The world as we know it has become so interconnected that no community, nation is immune to the devastation and impact caused by the compounding crisis. For families who have a loved one that has fallen victim to the dreaded virus that was clearly escalating to a pandemic, the nightmare is all too real. 

Was this a natural evolution of existing viruses or was this something more?

Wuhan, Hubei ; The People’s Republic of China Ground Zero

28th February, 2020 0800

Wuhan is China’s thoroughfare due to its status as a major transportation hub with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities in China.

Since the Shang Dynasty which had existed 3500 years ago, the region had witnessed various epidemics that had affected the region’s trade and there had been times when the villages along the Yangtze river had piles of bodies that had been victims of epidemics, wars and invasions.

It was not surprising that an epidemic of this magnitude had spiraled out of control even with movement being curtailed.

A mysterious illness, the Toyotavirus Toyvid-12 had been first reported in Wuhan. Modern day Wuhan was a sea of chaos. It was a day like any other in Wuhan the curfew and prohibition orders were enough to cause anyone to have cabin fever.

Food and medical supplies had become scarce and rationing had become the norm.

Mei Ling had just lost her husband to the Toyvid-12 two weeks ago and was struggling to make ends meet. 

Xing, her eight-month old baby was constantly screaming uncontrollably and was running a fever. The landlord had come in earlier to remind her that the rent was overdue and if she did not pay it, she would be evicted. With the loss of her husband’s income on his demise, she felt cornered and overwhelmed and was struggling to make ends meet.

She was nervous about taking her baby to the hospital in case she caught the virus. Masks were expensive and had literally run out in Wuhan. Mei Ling wiped her tears and picked up her baby to change her diapers and sponge her. She noticed new rashes on her baby and quickly put on fresh clothes put on a mask and walked to the train station near her home to make her way to the hospital.

She felt a panic attack and was anxious that Xing had the Toyvid-12. The train was full of passengers who wore masks and were coughing. A few passengers vomited on the train and some fainted. It took all of her energy and will to protect Xing. The train ride felt like eternity and even though it was winter, she felt sweat trickle from her brow. She wished she had eaten the leftover dumplings as she was starving and exhausted.

As she exited the train station carrying her child who was wheezing and crying walked to the hospital and there were queues of people all waiting to be checked. The nurses were a sea of blue and were in hazard suits and were isolating people. be continued...............


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