The Platformm

Formerly called Auvou, The Platformms’ original intent was to tell stories that would inspire change and empower its readers. This was in keeping with the name Auvou which was a source of inspiration for the founder.Since its conception in April, 2018; every story that was published was a reflection of this ethos. We encouraged, inspired, and told authentic stories.

In April 2020, two years after we had embarked on this adventure, we believe that what started as a small project had achieved what it set out to do.We had created authentic content that mattered.Yet we also realised that there is a need to extend our digital platform to others who may not have our privilege. Opening up our platform, we realised, would allow for the exchange of ideas between the creatives in the Fijian diaspora and to our ‘wekada‘ in our motherland.

To become inclusive and encompassing required an identity, a vision and a mission that would reflect the next challenge we have set ourselves. We realised that what we have is a digital space and the will to carry it through. What we have done is to use our platform as a launching pad for our collective creative trains!

And so The Platformm was born.

 Our Why

To provide a digital safe space by providing a platform for creatives and professionals; both aspiring and already established; to share their work, tell their stories and in doing so inspire change by establishing a new narrative.


Our Mission

i) To share authentic written and visual stories to inspire and change narratives.
ii) To recognise creatives in the Fijian diaspora by providing safe spaces for their valuable work.
iii) To add value to the digital community by creating and showcasing contents that matter.

Meet Our Team